The Story of Kumba the Dog

From Pound Puppy to Company Mascot

In 1993 our family decided to visit the Seminole County Animal Shelter to find our first family dog. As always, there were way too many dogs looking for forever homes. However, the decision was made as soon as we saw the little sickly black spotted white puppy that could hardly stand on it's own. She was all tummy and belly button sticking out. After lots of love and quite a few vet visits, we nursed the poor little pound puppy back to health and named her KUMBA.

Kumba lived a long and happy life with us, and came to be an example of many of the good things we wanted in our own lives. She was loving, noble, and above all a friend you could trust to be there whenever you needed. Exactly what a good property manager should be. We could think of no better way to remind ourselves every day of this mission than to name the company after our mascot and friend, Kumba.

But What Does "Kumba" Mean?

It literally translates to "belly button" in the Arawak dialect spoken by the father of Kumba Realty, Carlo Gongage.

So why Name Your Company "Kumba"?

Yes, we know it makes a funny name for a real estate and property management company; But when we sat down to think of what we really wanted to accomplish when starting this company, we came up with a list of virtues and ideals that would matter to us as home owners trying to find someone to take care of our home. Things like:

In all dealings, we will be forthright and will deal you openly and honestly. At the end of the day... we simply love people and love being able to sleep soundly at night. If we can't do our jobs honestly, it's time to pack it all in and find a different way to get through life.
We will strive to treat your home as if you were a family member trusting us to care for their biggest investment. We will not only manage your property, we will care for it as if it were our own.
We are 100% committed to doing the best job we can for our owners, our tenants, and anyone else who does business with us. When you work with us, we
Your Watchdog
At the end of the day, we just want to leave this world at least a little better than we found it. Our hope is that we can be there to save you from the stress of having to handle a crisis at your rental property, solve that 2am air conditioning failure, and bring a smile to face when you realize have your back when a bad day comes around.

Your Property's Watchdog

When you look at it this way, it makes perfect sense why we would name our company after Kumba the Dog. It helps remind us every day that we started this company with the goal of being your property's watch dog.

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