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Many people underestimate the work a property manager performs during the rental of property. To help you appreciate what it takes to manage a property from start to finish, we've listed many of the responsibilities that go into every rental. Performing each task well requires the experience and attention of a professional property manager like Kumba Property Management.

The Pre-Listing Phase

  1. Research all comparable currently listed rental properties.
  2. Research property's ownership.
  3. Research property's current use and zoning.
  4. Confirm current public schools and explain impact of schools on rental value to owner.

The Listing Presentation

  1. An overview of current market conditions and projections.
  2. Present the credentials and accomplishments of the agent and company in the market.
  3. Offer pricing strategy based on professional judgment and interpretation of current market conditions.
  4. Explain the work the broker and agent do "behind the scenes" and agent's availability on weekends, evenings and holidays.
  5. Explain agent's role in taking calls to screen for qualified tenants and protect owner from curiosity seekers and solicitors.
  6. Review and explain all clauses in the rental & property management agreement.
  7. Perform exterior "Curb Appeal Assessment" of subject property.
  8. Perform interior check list and advise owner of repairs and additions that might be needed.
  9. Explain occupancy taxes on short term leases. Foreign owners tax requirements
  10. Evaluate and explain insurance requirements.
  11. Evaluate and explain liability requirements.
  12. Educate the owner about fair housing.
  13. Describe security deposit and escrow account law requirements.
  14. Educate the owner concerning tenants in the Armed Forces.
  15. Evaluate start up maintenance.
  16. Asses and evaluate HOA requirements.
  17. Collect information on local utilities.

The Rental Agreement Phase

  1. Prepare instructions for showing the property.
  2. HOA requirements (condo approval and fees, density, guests, pet, parking, over 55 community, etc).
  3. Collect and verify utility information for renter (Water, electric, phone, septic/sewer, gas, well, alarm system, etc).
  4. Prepare detailed list of property amenities.
  5. Enter listing into MLS,, etc.
  6. Advertise the property on our web site.
  7. Place signs in front of property, if allowed or inside window.
  8. Put lock box on door for Realtor access.
  9. Contact HOA for any rental requirements.
  10. Compile list of necessary repairs and make arrangements. (Property management agreement).
  11. Explain benefits of using our vendors.
  12. Have extra keys made for renters and to keep as back up in office. (Property management agreement).
  13. Video and/or photograph interior and exterior of home for the property's file. (Property management agreement). Complete move-in visual inspection of property.
  14. Work out a schedule and procedure with the owners for showing the home.
  15. Arrange for procedure of regular and emergency maintenance with owners.
  16. Personally supervise home if vacant and do periodic checkups.

The Tenant Search & Marketting Phase

  1. Create print and internet ads based on seller's input.
  2. List the home on MLS.
  3. Post the home and pictures to the Kumba Property Management website:
  4. Coordinate showings with owners, possible tenants, and other Realtors.
  5. Install electronic lock box if authorized by owner.
  6. Prepare flyers & feedback faxes.
  7. Continue to review price changes and other market fluctuations in area and let the owner know as changes come up.

The Offer and Contract Phase

  1. Assist the applicant in filling out the needed application forms. Our process of applications is on line and accessible 24/7
  2. Provide necessary lease addendums such as: Mold, pet, and lead base paint addendums.
  3. Perform a credit check and eviction background of applicant.
  4. Research tenants and verify all information provided to us.
  5. Perform a criminal background check of applicant and sexual offender list.
  6. Collect emergency contact information.
  7. Advise Landlord the tenants have been approved and work out any special agreements.
  8. Order lease from attorney.
  9. Meet with tenants and explain KUMBA's policy and procedure for tenants.
  10. Coordinate move in date.
  11. Provide renters with new keys. For security reasons locks and keys are re-keyed with each new tenant, change AC filters and test all smoke detectors.
  12. Provide renters with HOA documentation and advice on compliance.
  13. Arrange with renters for transfer of utilities to their names.
  14. Receive security deposit and comply with state regulations for escrow management.
  15. Arrange for pet deposits/fees and pet applications.
  16. Walk through the property to prepare a visual review report.
  17. Provide copies of signed lease to both renters and owners.
  18. If a home warranty is available, provide information to renters
  19. Instruct tenants on emergency procedures, who to call and how to minimize damage to the property.
  20. Go over amenities with the new renter.
  21. Provide renters with maintenance information provided by owners. (Pool, lawn care, etc)
  22. Explain to the renters their maintenance responsibilities. (AC filters, fire alarm, etc)
  23. Change status of the property in MLS and all listings websites.

The Occupied Rental Phase

  1. First week update of move in inspection.
  2. Confirm with all utilities that renters have transferred all accounts to their name.
  3. Arrange for ongoing maintenance.
  4. Check on status and maintenance of insurance by renters.
  5. Collect payments and manage the books for all transactions.
  6. Arrange for payments request by Landlord (HOA, maintenance, alarms, etc.)
  7. Provide 6 month inspection of property.
  8. Set up rent proceeds with Landlords (preferably on line)
  9. Set up Landlord with our 24/7 statements on-line access.
  10. 24 hour, 7 days per week emergency access.

The Move Out Phase

  1. Confirm tenants are moving out and send them procedure. Arrange showing instructions.
  2. Confirm security deposit compliance.
  3. Inspect the property after move out, compare with move in report and assess damages charged to tenants
  4. Photograph and/or video tape the property and inventory.
  5. Make arrangement for property to be put back into rental pool.
  6. Arrange for repairs and clean up of property in a speedy manner.
  7. Arrange for utilities transfer to KUMBA's account.
  8. Provide renters with accountability of repairs and send them proof of damages.
  9. Send confirmation of surrender of property & deposit compliance to all parties that resided in rental.
  10. Maintain records for 5 yrs.
  11. Photograph and/or video tape the property after all repairs and maintenance have been performed.
  12. Set up pest control bombs in unit before the cleaning is started at KUMBA's expense
  13. Assess any repairs needed or upgrades to the Landlord in a timely manner.
  14. Reconcile the security deposit from the tenants and send confirmation by certified mail as required by Florida Law within 30 days from move out date.

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