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Move Out Guide

In order to make the move out process as easy as possible, we've put together this guide to help you through your move out. As you get closer to your move out date, please continue to refer to this guide and follow the instructions detailed within. Following these instructions can prevent unnecessary charges or claims against your security deposit.

Renter's Rights to Breaking Lease in Florida

We are not lawyers, so cannot provide legal advice with regards to breaking lease in Florida. But as this question comes up from time to time, we like to share this link to help someone in their research. If you need to terminate your lease early on your Kumba home, please contact us immediately and we'll help explain the process and make sure you understand your options.

Printable Forms

Returning Forms: You can email us copies of any signed form by sending them to If you prefer to fax your documents, please send them to our fax number at 407-260-5704.

Rental Verification Form

To be filled out during the application process. If you are currently renting your home, this form is to be filled out and signed by your landlord. This will verify that you are a tenant in good standing with your current landlord.

Employment Verification Form

To be filled out during the application process. This form should be given to your employer, either to a manager or your Human Resources department, so that they can verify that you are currently employed.

Tenant Vacating the Premises Form

These forms and procedures are to be used whenever a tenant is vacating a home. Please pay special attention to these move out procedures, Move Out Guide, before you leave the property.

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